Eighties throwback: Paper ballots are back in vogue thanks to Russian hacking fears

Virginia abandons touch-screen-only voting machines after a Las Vegas hackathon shows how quickly they can be breached.




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Burning Man ending ritual completed day after man dies in fire

Burning Man's thousands of participants ended their annual ritual by burning an elaborate wooden temple a day after a man was burned to death.




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Texas Guardsmen Deliver Water to Harvey-hit Areas

Members of the Texas National Guard were hard at work Sunday, delivering water to several towns across southeast Texas devastated by Hurricane Harvey. (Sept. 3)




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Houston neighborhood’s HOA president talks about flooding

Steve Pierce, president of the Memorial Drive Acres Section 1 HOA, describes neighborhood flooding Sunday afternoon.




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Amid criticism, President gets close with storm victims

Despite harsh criticisms about his immediate response to Hurricane Harvey, on Saturday, President Trump and the first lady visited with storm victims at the NRG Center in Houston. The president was seen shaking hands and hugging children.




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Live Stream: President Trump and the first lady visit a Hurricane Harvey relief center

USA TODAY network will provide live coverage of this event




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