Police investigate possible link in case of boys missing 7 years

The Skelton brothers of Michigan have been missing since Thanksgiving weekend 2010. A box containing human remains was found in Montana in September.




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Sexual assault victims seeking justice on social media. Experts warn it’s not bulletproof

For assault survivors who've felt let down by the court system, turning to social media can pose devastating legal risks.




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2 men crushed when house being raised after Harvey falls on them

Emergency crews had to use special equipment to lift the house off the men.




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#MeToo: The stories of sexual assault you haven’t heard

We asked and women from all walks of life and from around the nation told us their stories.




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Your ‘Star Wars’-loving child might actually be a Jedi. Here’s why.

Here are 5 reasons your child might secretly be a Jedi.




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Exploring sewers with Guillermo del Toro

Guillermo del Toro's latest TV series was inspired by his exploration of the Guadalajara sewer system as a kid growing up in Mexico. (Dec. 14)




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Guillermo del Toro finds kindred spirit in Mark Hamill

Guillermo del Toro calls actor Mark Hamill a “fundamental hero of modern mythology.” (Dec. 14)




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Need a last-minute holiday gift? How about this free Iowa farmhouse

This last-minute gift idea may be the ultimate stocking stuffer. Sure, it’s a tad grandiose. But it also qualifies as a bargain: a free farmhouse.




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Michigan police probe remains of 3 children found in Montana

The bones and teeth of three children were found in September in a shed in Missoula.




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Keaton Jones’ story of bullying began with his father’s domestic abuse

Keaton Jones has said he's been bullied most of his life. His first tormentor appears to have been his now-estranged father, Shawn Aaron White.




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