Wealth of millionaires surges more than 10% to top $70 trillion for the first time

The combined wealth of the world’s millionaires rose for a sixth straight year and grew 10.6 percent to a record $70.2 trillion.




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Approval of Cannabis-Based Drug Concerns Parents

Parents who have used cannabis to treat severe epilepsy in their children are feeling more cautious than celebratory as the US government nears decision on drug made from marijuana plant. (June 19)




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Congressional Dems Visit TX Detention Facility

Texas Congressman and Democrat, Filemon Vela, who represents a district encompassing Brownsville, Texas invited fellow congressional Democrats to visit facilities where immigrant children separated from their parents. (June 19)




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Raw: Kim Jong Un Makes Official Visit to Beijing

Chinese state media reports North Korean leader Kim Jong Un starts a two-day visit to Beijing on Tuesday, following his summit with President Trump. It didn't report if Kim had already arrived, but a large motorcade was seen leaving the airport. (June 18)




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Today in History for June 19th

Highlights of this day in history: Julius and Ethel Rosenberg executed; Father's Day first celebrated in the U.S.; The event behind 'Juneteenth'; Author Salman Rushdie born; NBA draft pick Len Bias dies; Entertainer Paula Adbul born. (June 19)




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Doctor: Impact of Separating Families ‘Tragic’

Dr. Louis Kraus, chief of child psychiatry at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, says the separation of immigrant children and parents along the US-Mexican border could have serious and long-standing medical effects on the children. (June 19)




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Police: Armed civilian who shot, killed gunman at Washington state Walmart was a pastor

A suspect who injured multiple people while trying to steal their vehicles was fatally shot by an armed civilian in a Walmart parking lot in Washington.




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Outrage grows after audio captures kids crying at detention center

An audio recording that appears to capture the heartbreaking cries of children being processed by officials took center stage Monday in the growing uproar over the Trump administration’s policy of separating immigrant children from parents. (June 18)




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Utah high school bomb, ISIS vandalism case: State lays down evidence to try teen as adult

Prosecutors called witnesses who testified on evidence relating to the bomb and graffiti incidents, as well as the juvenile's interview with police.




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Police: Cancer patient was killed for her painkillers

The cancer patient found dead in Kentucky was killed for her painkillers and dumped in the woods, according to court documents.




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